The Coach's Whiteboard


Launched in 2010, TacticalPad first concept was to bring the old magnetic sports board to the, just released, Tablets. After 10 years, TacticalPad is the #1 coaching software worldwide with many great clubs, federations and national teams among its users.

Statistics for everyone


Statistics is a very important tool for sports, but it is, still today, a very expensive and complex task. Picco is a free app with the goal to bring statistics to clubs of all sizes, enthusiasts, journalists, schools, etc, in a very friendly and powerful way.

About Temma Software

Temma Software was founded in 2016 after the split of an existing software company (founded in 2009). The motivation for it was to have a team 100% focused on the development of sports products. A company without an arm on software development consulting servces. This decision has proved itselft correct after a huge growth of the software TacticalPad in a very short period.

Temma Software still keeps its principle of developing exclusively its own innovative products. To achieve it is necessary a continuous motivation of the team for seeking new ideas, technologies, knowledge, always seeking a good balance between the quality of life, work, fun, keeping minds fresh, creative and motivated.

Technologies: Our team has expertise on software development for the main operating systems and devices (Windows, Mac, Android and iOs). For such we use many different development environments, like XCode, Android Studio, Visual Studio and, especially, Unity 3D, which has become our main tool for multi-platform development.


Seek to develop products with new technologies but never losing the focus on the end user; transform complex tasks into something simple and bring something new to the everyday life. But always keeping in mind that a good solution is the one that suits the user and not the one that forces him/her to adapt to it.

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